Mobile tire service

We come to a place of your choosing and change tires immediatelly. Whether you have a passenger car or a van up to 3.5t

Appointment booking


Leave your contact and we call you ASAP.

You have no time to drive anywhere or need to change tires on multiple cars?

No problem. We come to a place of your choosing and change tires on the spot.

Save your time

We stick to reserved date, do not waste your time.

We come to you

You do not need to go anywhere, stay at home or at work. Moreover, thanks to modern equipment, we can cope well even in the narrow streets of Prague.

For business and retail

We are prepared to change tires on your entire fleet as well as on single car. We’re ready for anything. Not only technically, but also in terms of personnel.

Care for wheels

We work carefully during tire change, do not worry for any damage. Thanks to our modern equipment, we can promise that nothing will be damaged during the changeover.

Full equipped service crew at your home

Do not worry, our service vehicle has the same equipment as a standard tire service. Our vans are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide top service for your bikes.

Tire change and wheel balancing

Pressure check

Hydraulic lifter

How does it work?

01 We discuss all details

02 We come on time

03 We check the tires

04 We mount the tires

05 We can store dismounted tires

Give a mobile tire service as a present

It includes full service .

Our services are for these types of cars

All personal

All SUV and Off-road

All VAN to 3,5t

Price list

Tire diameter
R13 / R14
R15 / R16
R17 / R18
R19 / R20
R21 / R24
SUV, VAN, Off Road
439 CZK
539 CZK
639 CZK
839 CZK
1 039 CZK
839 CZK
Swap +
739 CZK
839 CZK
939 CZK
1 239 CZK
1 639 CZK
1 239 CZK
1 039 CZK
1 139 CZK
1 239 CZK
1 639 CZK
2 039 CZK
1 639 CZK

Swap: dismount, mount of full whells without balancing
Swap +: dismount, mount of full whells with balancing
Complete: dismount, change tires on rims, mount of full whells with balancing
All prices without VAT

Run-Flat: + 25%
Premium cars: by agreement
Transport: + 639 CZK in Prague (out of the city by agreement)
More work: + 639 CZK

Express mobile tire service out of working hours, weekends and holidays, assisstance

Outside working hours (Mon-Sun):from 6:00 to 9:00 / from 18:00 to 21:00

Price: + 639 CZK

Weekends and holidays:from 9:00 to 18:00

Price: + 639 CZK

Assist:from 9:00 to 18:00

Price: + 639 CZK

Additional services

Tubeless valve, TPMS: 29, 1 039 CZK/pc

Disposal of tyres if not purchased: 49 CZK/pc

Diagnostics, mounting, programming TPMS: 239 CZK/pc

Tire storage without rim: 939 CZK/set/season

Tire bag: 9 CZK/pc

Tire storage with rim: 1 039 CZK/set/season

Interior desinfection

Discount 200 CZK or 300 CZK if using tire services

Personal car – small: 539 CZK / 339 CZK for tyre service

SUV, VAN, Off Road: 739 CZK / at tyre service 439 CZK

Service reservation

This reservation is free.
For confirmation we contact you by phone.